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PLB Regulation

Provisions of bonded logistic center

In 1 business PLB must have:
a. distribution goals of more than 1 company;
b. more than 1 supplier (supplier) outside the customs area; and / or
c. the purpose of distribution of goods outside the customs area


1. The activity of stockpiling goods in PLB is given for a period of 3 years, from the date of import customs document nopen
2. Can be extended for a maximum of 3 years, for:
   - Oil and gas operations
   - Mining
   - Certain industries
(flights, shipping,train, infrastructure, defense and security,agriculture / fisheries /animal husbandry)
3. Other industries with the permission of the Head of KPPBC
If passing: must be re-exported, issued to another TPB, issued to the Free Zone, issued to KEK or other special economic zones, or issued to TLDDP with compliance with provisions. import  if not, freeze.


Hoarding can be accompanied by Simple Activities:
1. Repackaging / repacking
2. Sorting
3. Standardization (quality control)
4. Kitting
5. Packing
6. Adjustment
7. Consolidation of goods for export
8. purposes Provision of goods for export
9. purposes Reinstallation and / or repair maintenance in strategic industries, including painting
10. Blending
11. Providing Indonesian language
12. labels Sticking of the Excise Tape
13. Auction of capital goods from LDP
14. Exhibition Inspection from technical agencies (lartas)
15. Examination for issuance of SKA
16. Other simple activities by the Director General of customs

Simple activities are not manufacturing activities.