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Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Entrust your cargo project to TCI, we can handle your cargo from Port of Loading to Port of Discharges and delivery to the project site.
With adequate heavy equipment and transportation that can be adjusted to the dimensions of the cargo and project budget, we can make precise and efficient delivery arrangements.

With skilled personnel and adequate HSE experience we can ensure that your cargo project is delivered in a timely and safe manner. Contribution in planning is very much needed for the process of assessment and realization of shipments, for that we will provide advice in the form of assessment and time limits.


  • Road assessment before delivery (checking the route, checking the destination location, road infrastructure, obstacle roads, man power, etc.).
  • Supply Chain Consultation.
  • Heavy Equipment Rental.
  • Rental and use of fleets with special permits (Low Bed, Extended Trailer, Sliding Bed, Multi Axle etc.).
  • Load and discharges trailers / containers / loss cargo.
  • Load and discharge using cranes, jacking & rolling (installation services using turn-key systems based on project scope).
  • Certified Cargo Lashing / Binding.
  • Third party Inspection for certification of heavy equipment.
  • Port Clearance and Customs Clearance.
  • Breabulk Storage.
  • Consultation about the Stowage Plan.
  • Assisting in managing Insurance.
  • Delivery to job site.


  • Time and cost efficient.
  • Fast and precise delivery.
  • Proper and accurate documentation.
  • Traceable delivery.
  • Delivery is safe and comfortable with HSE standards.